Bikepacking 2.0

Starting December 26th, I set out on a journey from New Delhi to Kochi, Kerala. A distance of roughly 3,000 KMs which I hope to cover on a loaded bicycle. Also, I may not be able to update the blog regularly. But when I do, I shall make every bit of effort to document each […]

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Falling is not failing

I have completed 8000 KMs since the fall back in May 2014. That includes cycling solo from Delhi to Pushkar last November. The first thought that came to my mind as I was kissing the asphalt surface was – how many teeth did I lose? This was followed by “wow, my folks are not going to be […]

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Bikepacking 1.0

Cycling through 410KMs from New Delhi to Pushkar in Rajasthan through Gurgaon-Manesar-Shahpura-Jaipur-Ajmer-Pushkar. This is my adventure on the Delhi-Ajmer expressway on a bicycle riding solo from Delhi to Pushkar. The destination, Pushkar, turned out to be sort of a buzzkill for me so I will share that experience in another post. Day 0 Wires oiled. Drive-train […]

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The night before.

Its 1 AM in the morning and god knows I’ve waited for this day for 4 months now. The last week has been kind of hectic with me calling and visiting countless cycle stores. So much so that it almost feels as if each one of them could qualify as a LBS (local bike shop) […]

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